About Us

At Lark & Rue we believe in ritualistic self-care through radical self-acceptance.  Our handcrafted, vegan soaps and bath bombs offer a gateway from the toxic hustle culture into a realm of acceptance and love. 

What started as a simple desire to help others with their dry, sensitive skin has become a passion for making space for self-reflection and encouraging self-love.  A place where we rebel against the idea that we must always be doing to earn rest, and instead realize that we are worthy of comfort and rest as we are right now and as we journey to become who we want to be.  I’ve learned that soap and skincare can be a gateway to giving yourself the space to become your best self. 

I believe these simple daily rituals in the shower can be powerful times to indulge a little and learn that right now you are enough.  And that today is a special occasion to use the fancy soap, the fine china, and the good wine.

I formulate for gentle cleansing soaps and moisturizing bath bombs made for those who have darker tastes but also need products that won’t leave their skin itchy and dry.  If my skin doesn’t love it, you’ll never see it!